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InKala is the Iran’s leading provider of Packing, Moving and Relocation Services. Our world class team is set to meet your local and international needs.

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Settlement Services in Iran

Settling-in Services in Iran

Moving and living in a different country is always a big challenge. Iran specifically has its own issues for foreigners and expatriates who are relocating to Iran. the first obstacle is the language. Our local expertise come at your disposal to get settled in Iran conveniently.

Human Resource Management & Workforce Provision

Human Resource Management & Workforce Provision

Doing Projects in Iran?! Need workforce? The good news is Local simple and/or professional engineers workforce in Iran is much cheaper for companies than expats workforce. For any kind of projects; Oil and Gas, Construction and civil projects, factory assembly, Chemical and Mining, InKala International Relocations provides you with the best Human resource management available in Iran.

Local Move in Iran

Local Move in Iran

Local move in Iran is always a big challenge for expatriates in Tehran or any other Iranian cities. InKala International Relocations will provide you any type of local move you need with no hassle.

Home Hunting & School Finding in Iran

Home Hunting & School Finding in Iran

The best apartments and neighborhoods in Tehran and other cities of Iran are awaiting you with flexible contracts and rental costs. International schools are also available to visit and choose for your beloved children. InKala International Relocation lights up every corner for you to choose wisely.

International Move

International Move

InKala International Relocations provide the most efficient way to move your household goods and personal effect to other parts of the world. We do provide all types of international freight forwarding and transportation.

Packing in Iran

Packing household goods & personal effects

Packing household goods and furniture is always a delicate procedure which requires both care and proficiency. Here in InKala International Relocations we take care of packing all kind of furniture and household goods.

legal advisory For Expatriates

Legal Advisory For Expatriates

knowing local rules and regulations and legal matters play a big part when you want to move to a new country. many corporate/private expatriates who are relocating to Iran needs advice on legal matters and InKala Relocations will assemble the best legal teams to meet your needs.

Destination Services & Customs Clearance

Destination Services & Customs Clearance in Iran

If you are moving your household goods and personal effect to Iran, InKala International Relocations will help you and your origin mover and packer to receive the cargo anywhere in Iran via our reliable set of customs services.

Storage & Warehousing in Iran

Storage & Warehousing in Iran

InKala International Relocations has great offers when it comes to facilitate your storage and warehousing needs in Iran. With indoor and outdoor warehouse fully equipped with 24 hours security and highest safety measures.

Relocation has never been so comfortable.

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Iran’s Relocation & Expatriate News

Do you want to move to Iran or need to move from Iran to other places? Moving to and living and working in a new place has enough stress and requires less headache and free time to plan, take the trip, get to know the new place, adopt and settle down. You don’t want the stress of moving your household goods and personal effects to be an extra weight on your shoulder. It this case well, you found your stress free solution for the job. INKALA International Relocations is the ultimate solution who carries the extra burden. INKALA packers and movers let you have the free time and energy to put on other aspects of your journey. How about thinking about what airline are you going to book for your flight or plan a great goodbye party to let your friends and family know about the excitement of the new place you are moving to? Let us worry about how to pack and move your household goods, furniture and personal effects. You just seat back, relax and tell us what you need and how you need it. From packing, storage, moving and transporting via sea, land or air freight, doing the custom clearance, finding a reliable destination service provider and receiving the cargo and unpacking it in your new place in Iran to providing settlement services like renting residential or office units, buying cars & etc. We are here to make sure everything is done perfectly. INKALA International Relocations is the closest packing and moving company to the Ideal you can get to move from/to Iran.

Air Transportation

Usually small volume of cargos is suitable to be shipped by air cargos. In some cases, the time is also a determining factor. This means if you don’t have enough time to receive your cargo by sea or land; it’s better to transport it by air.

Land Transportation

Most of the European countries like Germany, France, Spain, Swiss, eastern European countries and etc. are accessible by land roads from Iran. There is some of the central Asian and other Middle Eastern countries which we can move your cargos by land roads.

Sea Shipments

Sea shipment is suitable for transporting the large volume of cargos. Sea shipment is the best way to freight your cargos from Iran to many part of the world such as Australia, south and North American countries, African countries, Far East Asia or north European countries.

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