Packing is an important aspect of every move and it’s one of the main tasks you will have to devote your time and attention to. However, with some careful planning and knowledge on how to approach this tricky phase of your relocation, you can effectively get the job done.

packing and moving kitchen stuff

packing and moving kitchen stuff

Read on to learn how to quickly and easily pack your kitchen!

some of the most vulnerable items you will have to deal with when packing is your glassware. It’s preferable if you have the original packaging for glassware and china, as it’s usually equipped with specialized containers. If you have thrown this away, you can wrap each piece in a combination of packing paper and bubble wrap or foam. This will serve to protect the pieces when they are in the box and prevent possible damage. As for plates, you can place a layer of foam in-between each piece. Cushion the bottom of each box with crumpled packing paper to prevent damage during transportation.

Odd-shaped bowls and containers
every odd-shaped item in your kitchen should be wrapped in protective material individually. If you can stack several of them together, make sure you separate them with a layer of paper or foam. Large mixing bowls can be stacked together according to size. Placing these items in individual boxes goes a long way toward preventing damage during your move.

Cups and glasses
The best way to pack cups and glasses is to purchase or make a cell box, which separates each item and limits potentially dangerous shaking and wobbling. Wrap each item in few layers of paper and place the cups and glasses upside down — make sure handles are all facing the same direction. Finish by placing a layer of cushioning in the top of the box to fill up any empty space.

Large appliances should be loaded directly onto the moving van. Usually it takes a few people to finish this task, and possibly some specialized moving equipment, which professional packers and movers in Iran can provide. You can pack small appliances individually in small boxes — make sure you remove all sharp blades and detachable components for easier packing.