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InKala Services

Packing household goods & personal effects

Packing household goods and furniture is always a delicate procedure which requires both care and proficiency. Here in InKala International Relocations, we take care of packing all kind of furniture and household goods with extra attention to use all kind of necessary materials to pack your delicate belongings from dishes, lamps, chandeliers and furniture to special items like pianos, fine arts and other important pieces of your personal belongings. Although speed is very important in packing process but InKala Packers and movers professionals will not sacrifice a neat and secure package to have a faster process of packing.

International Move

InKala International Relocations, provides the most efficient way to move your household goods and personal effect to other part of the world. Choosing the type of transportation is generally depends on various conditions. First it’s the volume of the cargo. Some cargo have small volume which is better to move by air cargo. Second is the destination. Moving cargo to some part of the world is more convenient by land; other destinations are not accessible by roads so we have to take it by sea. And last but not least, it’s the cost of transportation that is matter in choosing between means of transportation.

• Land

Most of the European countries like Germany, France, Spain, Swiss, eastern European countries and etc. are accessible by land roads from Iran. There is some of the central Asian and other Middle Eastern countries which we can move your cargo by land roads.

• Air

Usually small volume of cargo is suitable to be shipped by air freight. In some cases, the time is also a determining factor. It means if you don’t have enough time to receive your cargo by sea or land; it’s better to transport it by air.

• Sea

Shipment is suitable for transporting large volume of cargo. In case of transporting your cargo from Iran to some part of the world like Australia, south and North American countries, African countries, Far East Asia or north European countries you don’t have any other choice but to transport your cargo from Iran by Sea. This kind of transportation is divided to two categories;

➢ FCL: Full Container Load services

➢ LCL: Less than Container Load services which is suitable for small volume of cargo or sharing container with other cargo.

But again, choosing between the means of transportation needs a variety of factors to be considered. InKala International Relocation Services professionals will help you with the most efficient way to choose the best mean of transportation considering your case; all cost, safety and time wise.

Destination Services

If you are moving your household goods and personal effect to Iran, InKala International Relocations will help you and your origin mover and packer to receive the cargo here in Tehran, provide the custom clearance services, move the cargo to the final destination, unpack the goods and removal  of the debris. InKala International Relocations is also looking forward to provide movers and packers companies all around the world with the most competitive prices and quotations to facilitate destination services in Iran, Tehran. To have a better understanding of Iranian Customs rules and regulations please follow the link to the custom clearance information page. And for having your best price quotations regarding destination services in Iran, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Packing and Moving Special Items Locally & Internationally

There is always some piece of furniture that has more value which needs to move along with other household goods and personal effects. Sometimes it’s your pets which you need to transport them to other places. Or it’s just a piece of fine arts or maybe pianos and other heavy or large items. InKala International Relocations provide you the best teams in terms of packing and moving your special items throughout the world. Each team has specialized to pack and move a specific type of items to make sure it will be moved safely. Some of the Special Items are listed below but do not hesitate to consult us with other special items you have;

• Fine Arts & Delicate Items

• Piano

• Heavy/Large items

• Animal Transportation

• Automobile

Settling-in Services in Iran

Moving and living in a different country is always a big challenge. Iran specifically has its own issues for foreigners and expats who relocating to Iran. The first obstacle is the language. Although many Iranian youths can frequently speak English but still English language is not the official language in Iran. In such an environment moving and living in Iran is much more difficult. InKala International Relocations, provides a vast category of settling-in services to foreigners and expatriates in order to help you with settling here in Iran. Some of our services are listed as the following;

• Renting/Purchasing Residential, commercial and office units properties and apartments service in Tehran and other major cities in Iran

• Car purchasing/renting services

• Basic shopping tips and area orientation tour

• Household goods purchasing services

• Basic entertainment tips and places

Local Move in Iran

Local move is always a big challenge for foreigners in Tehran or any other Iranian cities. InKala International Relocations will provide you any type of local move you need. Whether it’s your office you need to move or it’s your residence, we will be with you throughout the whole process to make you feel relax and secure. Distance is also not a problem. Whether you are moving to the next block or moving to another city 1000Km away from Tehran. We will be with you and get the job done.

• Within the capital (Tehran)

• throughout the country (Iran)

Storage & Warehousing

InKala International Relocations has great offers when it comes to facilitate your storage and warehousing needs in Iran. With indoor and outdoor warehouse fully equipped with 24 hours security, CCTV cameras and pre action wet pipe fire and alarm systems, we have the best solutions for you. During your move we can offer you 2 weeks of storage free of charge. This is usually the maximum time you need in cases of sea or land transportation in order to move your household goods to sea or land ports. In order to make a more convenient service for you InKala also provide you with Storage facilities for any given period of time you need to store your goods. For this service we offer the most competitive market prices in Tehran, Iran. Our quotations are subject to the volume of your goods.

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