Story of InKala

InKala International Relocations is established based on more than 10 years of experience of the company’s owners regarding packing and moving household goods and personal effects from/to Iran, Tehran, The experience which is acquired by working in this field in Iran. Here in InKala we emphasize all the advantages of the industry we have experienced and also identified and avoid all the weak points of other active companies in the market to provide the most outstanding services with the lowest prices to our clients and customers.

InKala International Relocations has carefully chosen its partners locally and internationally to enable the company not only to provide the lowest prices but also to make sure its clients get the best services available, from the packing material producers to local and international shipping companies and destination service providers all around the world. InKala International Relocations provides the best care to expatriates relocating to Iran in terms of settling-in Services.

With our unique customer care system, our case officer will be at your service up until receiving your cargo at the destination so you don’t get confused throughout the process. Also our settling-in services starts from Airport to finding home, applying for work and residence permit, company registration, International school registration for expats children, legal services, area orientation tour and car renting and purchasing in Tehran and other major cities of Iran. our  expatriate clients also can enjoy full confidentiality from our part.