There are many things to plan and many more that can go wrong, which is why preparing for your move beforehand is essential.

survival kit for international move

survival kit for international move

There are quite a few things that can help you manage your move effectively. These include:

Boxes, and lots of them
even if you are under the impression that you do not have many belongings, once you begin packing you may see things differently. The more boxes you have, the better to effectively categorize your things and ensure that everything is packed safely.

Tape has many uses during the moving process–most importantly to close boxes. However, you can also use tape to secure furniture drawers so they don’t open during relocation. To avoid damaging your furniture, always cover items with movers wrap or blankets before applying tape.

First aid kit
In case of accidents, it is a good idea to have a first aid kit on hand. Best case scenario–you won’t need to use it.

Toilet paper
do not forget to have toilet paper on hand so you and your movers can use the restroom. Supplying paper towels and hand soap is also helpful.

Garbage bags
you will accumulate plenty of trash when you move, so always purchase plenty of sturdy garbage bags to remove any junk or debris.

Personal hygiene products
moving from one place to another can last for days, so it’s important that you set aside your personal hygiene products for use after your move.

Phone charger
you will most likely be making or taking calls throughout your move, so remember to keep your phone on you at all times. Keep your charger somewhere accessible so you can charge your phone when necessary and remain available.